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IFWP Competition 2017
International Federation of Wildlife Photography
The 2017 IFWP Photograph of the year competition is open for entries from 1st of May 2017 and will close on 10th of June 2017 at midnight

Check List


This competition is open to all individuals, amateurs and pros,  belonging to an  IFWP member association at the date they enter the competition. Make sure your membership is up to date before sending your photos.

Selection for date.
Exclude all images taken before 10th of June 2013 at midnight.

Check for awarded or mentioned pictures.
If you have entered other international competitions, make sure that none of your entries have already won a prize, or have been credited as mentioned, finalist or highly commended in international competitions before you upload them. This also applies to very similar pictures taken at the same time.

Check your subject.
Exclude images of pets, domestic animals, trained animal models or animals restricted in their freedom before or during the shot.
In case of doubt about ethics please check our Ethics here (http://www.ifwp-photo.org/ethic-rules)
For images of flora, make sure that it is not a cultivated plant. Location might help.
If you enter an image of endangered species, make sure you can provide the corresponding legal documents (Exact location, permits, etc.)

Check your landscape.
This is a nature photography competition, so we expect nature to have an important role in the picture.

Check about digital manipulation.
Your uploaded pictures must be very similar to the original RAW file, we only accept processing adjustments that affect to the whole picture. In case of doubt please process it again from the RAW file. Pictures with signatures, watermarks or frames will be disqualified.

Number of pictures.
There is a limit of 40 pictures to be submitted and a limit of 5 per category.

Make sure you followed the steps on the rules to prepare the jepgs to be uploaded in quality, profile, size... and remember to mention the name of your association using the field called 'observations', when registering.

Reviews and changes.
Our Pixall platform allows to make changes, add new pictures, delete any of them until 10th of June 2017 at midnight.

Asking help to our contest managers.
In case of doubt to consult please write to our Competition Managers of the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year, a very compromised couple, AEFONA members, both nature photographers: 
Maruchi Morillo   - maruchi@chixvic.com
Vicente González   - vicente@chixvic.com

You can also send to info@chixvic.com where both Maruchi and Vicente will receive it.

Age and awards.
You enter the pictures for the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year online whatever your age is. The jury will make a selection over them. IFWP will announce a Category winner, and 3 Finalist in each category in both Editions, General and Young (born after 1996). From the category winners the jury will chose the picture to be the 2017 IFWP Photograph of the Year in both Editions, General and Young (born after 1996).

Remember the jury will make the decissions about some of these questions.


This check-list is a proposal to help our fellow photographers. Only the official rules published on this site and/or the IFWP website have legal value.